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Father Tom W. SJ has been involved with people in Twelve Step Programs since 1976. A former Director of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps and a teacher, he has degrees in counseling, education and theology. He lectures, counsels, and conducts workshops and seminars internationally.

In the Light of the Gospels
God is regularly reaching out to us. Are we too busy to notice? Lent is a good time to slow down and look at our selves in the light of the Gospels. Father Tom Weston takes us on a journey through this Lenten season, discussing spiritual practices to make this a deeper and more meaningful experience to more fully connect with God. Fr. Tom talks about the mystery of the Trinity. He shares with us what it means to celebrate and receive the Eucharist as a healing Sacrament. And he discusses the life and resurrection of Jesus. In these beautiful and meaningful talks, we are reminded that we are all invited to the banquet, and Fr. Tom guides us to more fully respond to the invitation. (3/03)

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God Without Hysteria
Presents a spiritual path somewhere between frenzied fundamentalism and California psycho-babble, for sponsors, counselors, and others who work with recovering people. In this five hour seminar recorded at the Merritt Peralta Institute, Father Tom offers practical suggestions on a wide range of topics, including: believers, atheists and agnostics; the experience of faith; the nature of sanity; and how to know God's will. (3/88)

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Catholicism 101
Father Tom leads us through a breathtaking five-hour history of Christianity from the Conception to the present. He talks about a wide range of topics in his unique and entertaining style, including: foundations of the Old Testament; the development of the early Church; the formation of the New Testament; the division of the Eastern and Western Church; the Protestant Reformation; the wide diversity in the Church; and some light on Vatican II. (10/91)

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Catholicism 201
As a sequel to his popular Catholicism 101 series, Father Tom launches into an in-depth exploration of what it means to be a Catholic. He describes the origins and meaning of the Eucharist service while he performs it. Through his engaging, often humorous storytelling, he discusses many immediately relevant topics. What sustains us? What encourages us? Who is God and what is God's grace? What can scripture tell us about life and living? These talks emphasize a personal approach to the Catholic religious experience (9/92)

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Catholicism 301
This insightful retreat focuses on the central observance of Christianity: the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. Father Tom leads us on a powerful tour of scripture to discover what it means to be a Catholic. How can understanding the life and teaching of Jesus help us surrender the illusions of ego and find a personal spiritual awakening? Among the broad range of topics covered are: the meaning of the Incarnation; the historic roots of the Catholic faith; grief and healing; the isolation of resentment, hatred and sin; the gift of grace; the power of faith and prayer; the origin and meaning of the Sacraments; and the message of the Crucifixion. He describes the events of Jesus's last days and shows how understanding their significance can enrich and empower our lives. (4/95)

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Living In The Church Community!
How do we determine what is right for ourselves and for humanity when so many voices (both inside and outside the Church) seem to disagree? How do we develop and educate a conscience? Father Tom puts some perspective on this crucial issue, with a grand historical survey of a church which has grown, changed, and adapted through the centuries, culminating in the vision of Vatican II. He illustrates his commentary with wonderful stories about people who take the spiritual life seriously. These are drawn from literature, Scripture, and the daily news. He speaks of conscience, self-discovery and self acceptance, and how we can walk in the footsteps of Jesus. (8/96)

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