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Father Terry R. is the Director of Substance Abuse Ministry in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. He chairs a panel that performs intervention and follow-up for clergy who need help. He has been conducting retreats for people in Twelve Step programs since 1975.

In the Language of Al-Anon

Fr. Terry R.

Wanting to change someone to solve our problems is our disease. The legacy of loving an alcoholic is that we learn that nothing will turn out. Instead we deny our anger and disappointments. And we become a sick member of the family without ever having taken a drink. Father Terry takes us on a journey of getting acquainted with our own wounds and frustrations. And he shows us how we can start healing without the cooperation of the alcoholic. Our recovery starts by changing ourselves. We don’t have to change history or someone else to heal. These talks are about how we change. And we no longer have to “git’m”. (05/11)

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We Don't Have to Wait
In the Language of Al-Anon

Fr. Terry R.

A freeing discovery in Al-Anon recovery is the awareness that we don't have to wait until the Alcoholic stops drinking. Our journey of liberation begins in working the 12 Steps in companionship with others now. Before recovery we waited. We waited for the alcoholic to change. We waited to see if our efforts worked or didn't work. We waited for the other shoe to drop. We waited for our prayers to work. When we live in recovery we get to respond to life in a sane and normal way. In recovery our head and heart are transformed by a fresh faith. (10/08)

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"The Al-Anon Paradox: Let Go and Get A Grip."

In his humorous style Fr. Terry talks about how we love under battlefield conditions. How our culture, from the time we are youngsters, puts a premium on control. But when we enter Al-Anon we are asked to give up our plan. This part of surrender can be counter intuitive. Fr. Terry talks of the bondage of self…the bondage of a dream of control and how Al-Anon relieves us of this bondage.

Terry talks of developing a relationship with a Higher Power. Why is it when praying we seldom get what we want or expect? The program can touch hearts and bring people alive. It’s transformative. God’s will is what anyone wants once they experience it. (04/07)

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Letting Go…Letting God

Fr. Terry R.

What a surprise most of us had when we discovered how tight a grip we had on how other people, places, and things had to be in order for us to have a life. Fr. Terry explores what happens through the Al-Anon program as we loosen that grip, we are surprised again by how our simple responses to 12 Step Suggestions have such a synergetic effect with God’s Grace and God’s laws, and we often start recovery when God appears to fail us…when we have hit bottom. Fr Terry talks about surrender…what is surrender? He explores the 12 steps and personal transformation that occur. These talks encourage healing for anyone touched by the disease of addiction or any family dysfunction. (6/04)

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Choosing to be a Care-Giver Rather Than a Care-Taker
Join Father Terry as he takes us on a journey of self-discovery through the Al-Anon Program. In his straightforward, practical, and humorous style, he talks about some of the central issues of the program: How to open our hearts to others and identify rather than compare. How to realize our own powerlessness over people and circumstances and learn to surrender control. How to know the difference between people-pleasing and loving service. How to learn acceptance without tolerating abuse. How we give away the power in our lives and how we can take it back. How to release ourselves from anger and resentment. And how to move beyond victims and villains, beyond shame and blame. (8/94)

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