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Father Tim M. is a Research Associate in the Department of Biological Sciences at Stanford University. After his ordination to the priesthood in 1991, he completed his doctorate in Molecular Neurobiology at Stanford University and a postdoctoral year in virology and neuroscience with an advisor from Yale University. Fr. Tim has been active in giving retreats for people in 12 Step programs for more than a decade, having remained sober since 1979. His retreat ministry began with an internship under the direction of Fr. Tom Weston, SJ in California and has taken him from Florida to Hawaii, and from Maine to Alberta Canada.

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"We Are Not a Glum Lot!"

Fr. Tim Meier

Fr Tim looks at the baggage we’re lugging around, and how to lighten the load by applying the Twelve Steps in a humorous fashion. To often recovery can seem to be a matter of “heavy does it” rather than “easy does it”. Most of us arrive at our first meeting looking a bit bedraggled, to say the least. Many of us carry incredible burdens of shame, fear, abuse, sadness, loss, anger, and resentment when we arrive here, so being “perky” is probably not big on our hit parade. Too often we gravitate towards others who are painfully aware of similar burdens but have never learned how to play, how to laugh. Laughter, especially at ourselves, really is the best medicine. 8/05

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"Having Had A Spiritual Awakening"
In the Language of Al-Anon

The goal of life in recovery is serenity. The wisdom of those who have gone before us in the program tells us that the way of spirituality is the way to serenity. The 12th Step indicates that “the” result of our progress through the Steps is a spiritual awakening. Fr. Tim M. looks at the various spiritual awakenings we have already experienced, and looks more closely at the Steps so that our awakenings can be deepened. Fr. Tim uses a beautiful guided meditation from “Serenity Meditations I” by Mariette Dobrowolski and Kristoph Franz. For more information on this and their other wonderful guided meditations contact www.sandalsong.com. 8/03

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"Good Grief!"
Letting Go In The Midst of Loss

Letting go of our old ways of thinking and acting in AA recovery is crucial to our survival. But the loss of old friends (including — especially? — alcohol), habits and attitudes can involve grief as well as joy. These inspiring talks By Father Tim M. look at grief from the standpoint of applying the 12 Steps to the process of our grieving, so that all of our losses can be good grief. Fr. Tim shares with us an exquisite 3rd Step Prayer and a beautiful prayer of forgiveness. Fr. Tim also uses two wonderful guided meditations from “Serenity Meditations I” by Mariette Dobrowolski and Kristoph Franz. For more information on these and other guided meditations contact www.sandalsong.com. 8/03

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