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Anne L. Fairfax CA
SD1416 "Her Story", Club Med Cancun 1995
SD1613 "Being A Writer In Recovery", Club Med Sonora Bay 1996
Father Tom W., Oakland, CA
SD1413 "Step 3", Cancun 1995
SD1415 "Step 11", Cancun 1995
SD1552 "Steps 6 & 7, Eleuthera 1996
SD1554 "Reflections on The 11th Step", Eleuthera 1996
SD1606 "Making Amends", Sonora Bay 1996
G0105 "Attraction Rather Than Promotion", Holyland Cruise 1996 $7.00
SD1702 "God 301", Turkoise 1997 $7.00
SD1704 "God 301, Part Deux", Turkoise 1997
Father Terry R., Los Angeles, CA
SD1503 "Identify, Don't Compare", Mexican Riviera Cruise 1995 $7.00
Sister Maurice D., The Bronx, NY
SD1558 "On The Road Again: Becoming the Person You Want To Be", Eleuthera 1996
SD1560 "Spirituality and Wellness", Eleuthera 1996
Sandy B., Arlington, VA
If you've ever been inclined to take AA for granted, you'll never do it again once you've heard this delightful account of Bill and Dr. Bob's founding and early development of the Program. As Sandy tells it in his warm and humorous style, these unlikely characters become Divine instruments in a plan that will save thousands of lives.  
SD1407 "History of AA", Cancun 1995 (CD ROMS)
The Big Book Comes Alive with Joe and Charlie
What can a couple of good old-timers from the Midwest tell us about the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous? Maybe enough to change the way we view our program. That's what we found when we listened to these disarming and wise students of our textbook of sobriety. Their description of the nature of the disease of alcoholism just might prevent a "slip" for someone you know. And their simple, practical and nonjudgmental instructions for doing the Fourth Step are here best we've seen. A truly significant experience for newcomers and old-timers alike.  
SD1402 The Big Book Comes Alive with Joe and Charlie: CD ROMs
Earl H., West Los Angeles, CA
SD2005 "Sponsorship", Eleuthera 1996
SD1602 "The 12 Steps", Sonora Bay 1996
SD1410 Club Med Cancun 1995
SD1506 Mexican Riviera Cruise 1995
SD1553 Club Med Eleuthera 1996
Dr. Paul O., Laguna Niguel, CA
SD2007 "You Can't Make Me Angry", 1998
SD1562 "Acceptance", Eleuthera 1996
SD1708 "Emotional Sobriety in Relationships", with Dr. Paul & Max O.; Nancy & Scott R. $7.00
SD1810 "Communication in Relationships", Dr. Paul & Max O., Huatulco 1997
Clancy I., Venice, CA
SD1607 Club Med Sonora Bay 1996
SD1512 Mexican Riviera Cruise 1995
SD1608 Sponsorship Club Med Sonora Bay 1996
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