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Sister Maurice D., O.P., M.A. is a consultant to religious communities on Chemical Dependency, and is a member of the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill, NY. She is the former chairperson of the Board of Directors of the National Catholic Council on Alcoholism and Related Drug Problems-the first woman to hold that position. She founded The Office of New Directions, a full-time ministry devoted to educating religious communities about alcohol, alcoholism and chemical dependency. She has directed spiritual weekends for self-help groups since 1979.

Refreshing Our Spirits
Sister Maurice is from the Bronx. She's down to earth, she's bright, she has a big heart, and she's very funny. For years she's led very popular retreats for recovering people on the East Coast, and this is the first time she's allowed professional taping. She let us record only part of this retreat, but what a great part it is! She begins by relating her own journey of recovery with her characteristic humor and energy. Then she launches into the theme: how to give ourselves a spiritual tune-up. She identifies a list of simple and practical things we can do every day to keep in touch with the miracle of recovery. She talks about ways we can live by design rather than by chance. She describes some of the ways we keep ourselves sick and miserable. And she shows how we can learn to forgive ourselves and to love and care for ourselves as beautiful children of God. She concludes by demonstrating that our attitude determines our outlook on life, and that by taking simple steps to change our attitude, we can revolutionize the way we experience our world and everyone in it. (4/95)

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