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InLight Productions is proud to announce the new Talking Book of Dr. Paul’s transformative work:

More to QuittingThere's More to Quitting Drinking Than Quitting Drinking
by Dr. Paul O.

Audiobook Read by Father Tom W.

Dr. Paul is well known in the AA community as a compelling speaker and writer, especially for his widely quoted writings on acceptance. And he’s contributed the wisdom gained in his thirty years of recovery to this wonderful book. In addition to the original printed version, we now have it available in a spirited reading by Father Tom W.

This book is for the recovering person who wants more than physical sobriety -- who wants mental, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual sobriety. Dr. Paul offers his prescription in an honest, down-to-earth way. He describes why alcoholism is a disease -- not a symptom of a psychiatric problem -- and who gets it; how to build better relationships with some powerful communication techniques; why and how to give up guilt -- without feeling guilty; and how to make acceptance the cornerstone of recovery. He also includes a helpful discussion of using medicines in sobriety, and how to solve sleeping problems without pills.

#D0502 CD $31.75

"Not only has Dr. Paul targeted problems that face most of us today, he offers invaluable resources and applicable solutions coupled with a light touch and his enjoyable wit. He has a spiritual and humble nature which is woven throughout this book." Sue M., M.F.C.C., Private Practice

"Here is a road map of recovery, written in a bright, witty style which describes ways to cut through a lifetime of mental red tape." Ruthanne S., Ph.D., Counseling Clinic Supervisor.

Single Audio CDs from Dr. Paul O., Laguna Niguel, CA
SD2007 You Can't Make Me Angry, 1996
SD1562 Acceptance, Eleuthera 1996
SD1708 Emotional Sobriety in Relationships, with Dr. Paul & Max O.; Nancy & Scott R. $7.00
SD1810 Communication in Relationships, Dr. Paul & Max O., Huatulco 1997

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