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Fr. Mullin was ordained in 1975 for the Congregation of the Mission, commonly known as Vincentians. Fr. Patrick was on the faculty of St. Vincent's High School Seminary, Following this assignment Fr. Patrick was assigned to St. Vincent's Parish in Huntington Beach,, Miraculous Medal Parish in Montebello and St. Vincent's Parish in Phoenix, AZ. Fr. Pat is currently director of St. Mary's Seminary, a retreat center in Santa Barbara. In addition to his duties at St. Mary's, Fr. Patrick does parish missions and recovery retreats. Fr Pat's sobriety date is Dec. 9, 1983 and he has been doing recovery retreats since 1989.

What A Miracle!

Patrick Mullin

Our spiritual program is fundamentally about service and improving our relationship with our Higher Power. Father Patrick Mullin, in these powerful talks, provides an opportunity to truly reflect on what God has done for us, and experience the soul deep satisfaction of being aware of God's presence in our lives. He talks about the "slender threads" in AA history where events could have been different, thus causing us to reflect on the "slender threads" in our own sobriety. Father Patrick's talks offer an opportunity to renew an authentic and deep appreciation of the miracle that has occurred in our life, and of the awareness of the gift we may be to others in sobriety. This is the miracle of divine presence always available to us. 6/06

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"Gifts of the Steps"

Do you think that working the steps is about becoming perfect? Do you wish that difficult circumstances would go away? Do you have conversations in your head and then feel upset? Then these talks are for you. Fr. Patrick Mullin takes us on a journey of an awareness of the incredible gifts we receive in sobriety. Like fully knowing that our greatest gift is of complete and utter powerlessness. Sharing his own experience with the steps, and with a lot of humor, Fr. Pat shows us how to shift our thinking about current problems. We can change the conversations in our head. And the difference between a good day and a bad day is awareness. He shows us how to be more aware of our value and beauty, as well as the gifts that are in front of us each and every day. Fr. Pat shares his gift to practice of the awareness of the presence of God. And he reminds us what a miracle we have been given and that any day that we are aware of our gifts is a great day. 8/03

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