John McAndrew's Alcohol & Drug Recovery CDs

John McAndrew (MA, MDiv) is Principal of Sensible Spirituality Associates in Palm Springs, CA. For the last two decades, he has facilitated and directed retreats, seminars and workshops. A dynamic presenter and skilled facilitator— as well as a gifted musician and poet— John draws upon his own spiritual journey, combining music, poetry and humor in presentations that are both practical and challenging.

The Soul of Recovery

John McAndrew

Our personal stories are “The Soul of Recovery”. It’s in those stories-the heart and soul of the Big Book– that we learn to consciously integrate the principles of recovery with our own core values and the practices (steps) which allow us to move into deeper freedom and integration. Recovery 3.0 offers a vision of spirituality which brings together our foundations (Recovery 1.0), the evolution of our life in recovery (Recovery 2.0) and emerging stories of new challenges, new freedoms, and new happiness (Recovery 3.0). Join with other individuals and couples in 12 Step Recovery—AAs, Al-Anons, other 12 & 12 fellowships, and anyone interested in integrating the 12 Steps into their practice—for a weekend of joy and hope and laughter and serenity. (7/15)

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Naming Our Addictions: A Spirituality of the 12 Steps

John McAndrew

This weekend retreat was designed for people in recovery, for those who love them and anyone interested in learning more about the disease of addiction and a spirituality that offers healing and empowerment on the road to permanent recovery. John McAndrew looks at the nature of the 12 Step spiritual practice and its application to the disease of addiction. These inspiring talks discuss both substance and process addictions, denial, codependency and acceptance. Naming the addiction is how we begin to acknowledge and touch the ‘wounds to the soul’, those places where we are most heavily defended and also most vulnerable and accessible to God. With the 12 Steps and meditation, John shows us how it is possible for us to change our behaviors and our lives. (03/10)

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The Joy of Living

John McAndrew

The practice of the 12 Steps makes us ready to receive the gift of emotional sobriety. In this exploration of Step 12, John McAndrew guides participants in reflections on “the joy of good living”. Focusing on the spiritual journey, topics include: learning to pay attention, why finding the right question is more important than getting all the answers, the importance of remembering, and the practice and gift of meditation. (06/09)

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Grace - A Power Greater Than Ourselves

John McAndrew

The struggle to let go of old ideas often makes it difficult to receive the new gifts of recovery. In these retreat reflections, John McAndrew considers how the 12 Steps can guide us to new attitudes and behaviors. Grace- an undeserved gift- paves the way into this new way of living. It's about forgiveness, about a God of your own experience, about music and poetry and beauty and brokenness and failure, about "what is", about gratitude and laughter and serendipity and the full reception of all the gifts we have received. I once was lost, but now I'm found. Was blind, but now I see...Everything is grace! (8-08)

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Are These Extravagant Promises?

John McAndrew

The Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous, is full of promises for recovery— not only the “12 Promises” we often hear at meetings. Join John McAndrew and a group of recovering souls for a weekend of discovery in an open-book exploration of the multitudinous Promises found throughout our primary text—especially the greatest promise of all: that God could and would if He were sought!

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John McAndrew

John McAndrew reminds us that sharing our stories, even our darkest moments of "uselessness", allows God to make us more useful. The very things that brought us shame become transformative. Even our character defects become useful treasures. Grief and loss, which can isolate us, can be avenues of redemption. This is the transformation of self that we experience in the program.

In these sessions, John shares his own spiritual journey and discusses topics such as humility, spirituality and sexuality in the context of the 12 Steps. And he reminds us that through prayer and meditation, we are given the strength and courage to do all that is possible, so that God can do what God does best: the impossible. (08/07)

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