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Fr. Jim Harbaugh SJ Is the assistant pastor at St. Leo’s Church in Tacoma, WA a parish that has been helping marginal members of society for decades. He is the author of books and articles on 12 Step Recovery. He has been leading retreats for recovering people since 1991.


Father Tom and Father Jim

In this very special retreat, Tom Weston SJ and Jim Harbaugh SJ share their thoughts on a variety of topics such as humility, compassion, the qualities of mature people, resistance to change, perfectionism and relationships. Tom and Jim use the language of AA and Al-Anon focusing on the transformation from self-will to God’s will. (1/16)

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Beyond Our Imagination: Growing Up with the 12 Steps

Fr. Jim Harbaugh

In recovery, our experiences and lives are so much greater than our imagination could ever have thought of Fr. Jim Harbaugh reminds us of this through his descriptive stories when taking us through the Steps. As we take the Steps we become restored to sanity. Fr. Jim shares with us what the 12 signs of sanity look like. Having had an addiction or in living with addiction we stopped growing. The theme of these wonderful talks is about growing up morally in recovery. Fr. Jim shows us what a moral grown up looks like – and the 3 things that a moral grown up does. He discusses how, using the Steps, we advance from shame to guilt. He shows us how shame is not useful, but surprisingly guilt is. Throughout these talks we realize that a power greater than ourselves is at work. 09/08

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One More Story for the Road
Father Jim H. is a great storyteller. He tells stories that are funny, revealing, and profoundly moving. He tells stories about life, about recovery, and about hope. He shares stories from his life, from scripture, and from literature. In this retreat, Father Jim speaks about two key features of life in recovery. First, recovery is about stories. When we get to meetings, we hear other people's stories. Eventually we realize that we have a story too, and we start to tell it. And our stories, however humble, have a lot to do with all the Great Stories, the myths and tales of the spiritual traditions and of everyday life. Second, recovery is about a path. He describes us as pilgrims together, going someplace holy, trading stories along the way, like the people in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. And it's the stories and the journey that lead us to wholeness, sanity, and the richness of our humanity. (2/95)

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We Had To Be Smashed: Some Words of Bill W.
How do we recover our feelings, our humanity and our lives when we get sober or begin to come to terms with our dysfunctional families? Father Jim tells us stories about this process from his own experience and from the great literature of the world. With humorous and moving anecdotes - from Ed Wood to Tolstoy, from Bill W. to the Bible - he describes the depths of disease and the heights of recovery. What does honesty really mean and why is it essential for recovery? How can we recognize and deal with the voices in our head? What can we do with guilt and shame? How can we know the will of God? A practical guide for dealing with our past, finding reconciliation and forgiveness, and turning our experiences into our greatest asset. (5/95)

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Living With Chronic Pain
In this talk, Father Jim H. deals with an issue that many recovering people confront on a daily basis: chronic physical pain. Like addiction, chronic pain affects the whole person. And like addiction, chronic pain is best treated by seeking healing for the whole person who suffers. Father Jim's talk focuses on how chronic pain starts, what happens, and what it can be like after we begin talking about it with other people who have it, not just people who want to help us. He offers concrete suggestions about how to work even chronic pain into our program of recovery. (11/95)

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