Father Jim Harbaugh: Family and Relationships CD Sets

Fr. Jim Harbaugh SJ Is the assistant pastor at St. Leoís Church in Tacoma, WA a parish that has been helping marginal members of society for decades. He is the author of books and articles on 12 Step Recovery. He has been leading retreats for recovering people since 1991.


Father Tom and Father Jim

In this very special retreat, Tom Weston SJ and Jim Harbaugh SJ share their thoughts on a variety of topics such as humility, compassion, the qualities of mature people, resistance to change, perfectionism and relationships. Tom and Jim use the language of AA and Al-Anon focusing on the transformation from self-will to Godís will. (1/16)

#D0167 6 CDs $42.75

Steps On The Road To Sanity
In the Language of Al-Anon

Fr. Jim H.

What do we do when our loved ones are on a roller coaster? What happens when the people around us make profoundly poor choices? Fr. Jim Harbaugh gently shows us that we donít have to give up on our own hopes and dreams. And that we are not responsible for other peopleís choices. These talks describe how character defects are also assets applied backwards. And he explains that when we obsess, all growth stops. And he shows us how we can change, using the Steps.

Through his wonderful gift of telling stories, Fr. Jim reminds us that our Higher Power is not limited by our own lack of imagination. And that through the Program we are restored to sanity. (05/09)

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