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Waking Up to the Here and Now

Father Tom W.

In these wonderful talks, Father Tom W. shares with us how to focus on the present, where we are continually restored to sanity. Living in the present is where we find serenity, our truth and our HP. Do we have a willingness to respond? Recovery is an ongoing process. We donÕt get fixed, we get to wake up. And if we are willing, we keep waking up. Fr. Tom reminds us to pay attention and not get discouraged. Do what works. Keep growing. Keep learning new things. Whether you are a new comer, or have been in the program for a long time, these talks expand our awareness, recovery and gratitude.(12/17)

#D0172 6 CDs $42.75

Recovery Is An Inside Job

Father Tom W.

Father Tom poses some very important questions: Why do I choose? What am I feeling? What are my motives? What is the role of resentments in my life? Do I know what my fears are? He shares with us why these are key to our growth and how we are influenced by them. He discusses guilt, powerlessness, grief and healing. We need tools to help us change how we think. These talks help us to have a better awareness of ourselves and to continue growing in recovery. Liturgy and the 11th Step: Sharing Scripture and the Eucharist, Lent 2017 Is disc 5 in this album. (04/17)

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Father Tom W.

If you love or have been loved by an alcoholic or addict, you have been in combat with the disease. We do this to be helpful, but instead become a causality. It is hard to stay out of the way. But we must, for our own welfare and for those we feel responsible for. In recovery there is much we need to let go of, such as old thinking, behaviors, attitudes, and judgements. We need to learn how to respond in a new way, for our own good. In these talks, Fr. Tom W. discusses the spiritual principal taught by St. Ignatius Loyola – Agera Contra –to do the opposite. This means to act against behaviors that hold us back from freedom. Tom shows us that what was once a castle to protect ourselves has now become a prison of our own making. And through the steps and tools of the program we are able to transform. (04/17)

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The Mass Explained: Liturgy and the 11th Step: Sharing Scripture and the Eucharist, Lent 2017 with Fr. Tom Weston

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Gratitude – A Surprising Gift of Recovery

Father Tom W.

There are many surprises in recovery. A big one is that we discover that we become grateful. Father Tom takes us on a journey of looking at all we have been given. He speaks with us about love, open hearted expressions of a Higher Power, the gifts of our disease, and the gratitude for recovery and freedom. He discusses how to live life – not merely survive it. Father Tom talks with us about what to do when things get really difficult – and it will. In recovery, we all end up back at Step 1 at one point or another, and he shows us what to do; how to turn it over, discusses self-centered fear, and developing the muscle to identity with others. And Father Tom leads us in a truly wonderful Gratitude meditation that will expand our gratitude for all we have been given. 1/7/17

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If You Love An Alcoholic Or Addict

Father Tom W.

A gift of recovery is knowing we are powerless over alcohol. There is a broken heartedness to watch someone in their addiction. There is tremendous worry for those of us who love them, no differently than if we loved someone with a chronic illness. These talks are about what to do with our worry, guilt, anger, sense of loss & grief. Loving someone doesn’t change them — it changes us. Tom talks about what self care looks like. He discusses how, through our program, we learn to speak directly about real things and tell the truth without blaming anyone else — and without letting ourselves off the hook.Tom suggest ways to meditate using our daily readers and leads a guided meditation. He talks about how to start each day as if we are a beginner, no matter how long we have been in recovery. He reminds us to do our best, and then watch with awe. 09/16

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Father Tom Bonacci

Fr. Tom Boracic CP is a Catholic Priest of the Passionist order, ordained in 1972. He has served as Retreat Director, Chaplain of several hospitals and universities and is the founder of the Interfaith Peace Project of Contra Costa Co. An active member of 12 step programs for 25 plus years, he leads retreats of all types worldwide.

Ours is an age of guilt. We feel guilty about everything. At least, we are invited to feel guilty to the point where we believe we are responsible for everything and everyone at the expense of our own well-being. The guilt causes us to suffer the loss of a sense of healthy self. In fact, we suffer many losses. These talks uncover the dynamics of addiction and recovery inviting us to be aware of our inner wisdom. Opening our hearts is like opening a precious gift. The blessings are transformative for self and others.

#D0401 5 CDs $35.75


Father Tom and Father Jim

In this very special retreat, Tom Weston SJ and Jim Harbaugh SJ share their thoughts on a variety of topics such as humility, compassion, the qualities of mature people, resistance to change, perfectionism and relationships. Tom and Jim use the language of AA and Al-Anon focusing on the transformation from self-will to God’s will. (1/16)

#D0167 6 CDs $42.75


Father Tom and Father Terry

In this very special retreat Tom, and his sponsor Terry, share their thoughts on a variety of topics such as sanity, self-centered fear, our capacity to receive God’s love, judgements, defects of character, and the role of sponsorship. Tom and Terry focus on the transformation that occurs with recovering people. (09/15)

#D0166 5 CDs $35.75

The Soul of Recovery

John McAndrew

Our personal stories are “The Soul of Recovery”. It’s in those stories-the heart and soul of the Big Book– that we learn to consciously integrate the principles of recovery with our own core values and the practices (steps) which allow us to move into deeper freedom and integration. Recovery 3.0 offers a vision of spirituality which brings together our foundations (Recovery 1.0), the evolution of our life in recovery (Recovery 2.0) and emerging stories of new challenges, new freedoms, and new happiness (Recovery 3.0). Join with other individuals and couples in 12 Step Recovery—AAs, Al-Anons, other 12 & 12 fellowships, and anyone interested in integrating the 12 Steps into their practice—for a weekend of joy and hope and laughter and serenity. (7/15)

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Fr. Tom W.

Tom talks about how trying harder can kill us. We have spent too long throwing energy into the things we cannot change. He talks about self deception, before and after recovery. Being alive, we get to experience lots of ups and downs. And when we go back to step one, we start over again. It doesn’t mean we are doing something wrong….it means we are rebuilding. He shares with us how being hurt shows up as disappointment, anger, fear and sorrow. Going into those empty places brings up different feelings for each of us. Tom reminds us that grief is part of recovery and sorrow is useful. He speaks of love and how loving others doesn’t change them...but rather how it changes us. Tom shares with us how to pray with a more generous heart. And he shows us some ways to tell when you are growing spiritually. (05/15)

#D0165 6 CDs $42.75

Becoming Useful Members Of The Community Through The Steps and Traditions

Fr. Tom W.

When we come into the rooms we are very immature. Nothing is our fault and we have secrets. We have trouble with personal relationships and have no idea what to do with our emotions. Father Tom discusses the practical and spiritual aspects of the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions that help us grow up. Wait!… think you might not want to learn more about the traditions – think again. Our steps and our traditions help us with our recovery, our relationships, and our connection with a Higher Power. And Tom shares new and humorous stories illustrating the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions working in our lives. There is a long period of rebuilding after we enter these rooms. We need new skills to notice what is at work in our lives. These wonderful talks show us, with a little recovery and maturity, how to be in dialogue with others in recovery, with our families and our community. (01/15)

#D0164 6 CDs $42.75


Fr. Tom W.

What do we do when we can’t do much about something, and we want to anyway? Or we want something to happen right now! Tom talks about surrender...about throwing our burdens down. He reminds us to resist less. It is not a matter of trying harder. And we don’t have to fight so hard. In recovery we experience a shifting of inner equilibrium. This does not come about from doing, but by relaxing and letting go. Tom talks to us about resisting less—in our own recovery, in trusting our feelings, in experiencing a Higher Power, and even during times of grief. We talk about this being a spiritual program, but what does spiritual mean? Is it vague and theoretical….does it have anything to do with me? How do we know when something real is going on? Tom discusses these topics and guides us on an excellent meditation. There is much we cannot change, but there is much we can. And we get to do it in a very new way. (09/14)

#D0163 6 CDs $42.75

Keeping It Practical & Simple: Living In The World of Recovery

Fr. Tom W.

Fr. Tom has just returned from the Middle East and brings with him many stories and insights from his travel to Abu Dhabi. Tom takes a deeper look at the Serenity Prayer and provides new meaning as to what we can and cannot change. Powerless and unmanageability, we learn to talk about this in recovery. The second step offers us a way out…Step 2 offers hope. Tom discusses the fantasy of recovery that every day we get better. We all understand God differently. Tom suggests looking for God in all things, and ways to “notice God”. How to meditate? What works, what does not work. Try some of Tom’s approaches to meditation. The retreat concludes with a review of the tenth step using the Examen developed by Ignatius of Loyola as a way to find God in all things. (06/14)

#D0162 6 CDs $42.75

In Great Need Of 100,000 Al-Anon Meetings

Fr. Tom W.

In these rich and wonderful talks, Fr. Tom shares how the disease of alcoholism affects all of us. He discusses the ordinary defenses we use and the ways in which we stay numb. He talks about the rules in a broken family and the rules Al-Anon breaks. Fr. Tom asks us to reflect on great questions: Do we feel guilty so we don’t have to feel powerless? Do we nag so we can feel powerful? What is none of my business? Are we afraid of being selfish? Fr. Tom also talks about powerlessness, vulnerability, telling the truth, and relapse. Plus a guided meditation. (09/13)

#D0160 6 CDs $42.75

Dr. Bob’s Nightmare...A Commentary (09/13)

#D2127 1 CD $8.75

Faith and Belief...The Many Roads Up Mt. Fuji (09/13)

#D2128 1 CD $8.75

Al-Anon For Members Of AA (09/13)

#D2129 1 CD $8.75

Progress Not Perfection (09/13)

#D2130 1 CD $8.75

Steps 10 and 11...Reviewing The Day Prayerfully (09/13)

#D2131 1 CD $8.75

Remember to Remember

Fr. Tom W.

Whether we are a newcomer or a cranky old timer, we need to remember. Father Tom reminds us that almost all we need to know to stay sober was told to us in the first 90 days of recovery. We come in to the rooms with very bad attitudes and the Steps meet us right where we are. And we get well. Remember to remember this. Our stories are important for us to remember, and important for others to hear. We need to remember that God works directly with each one of us and that we do not need to define a higher power to tap in to the source. Remember to ask for help throughout the day. Father Tom reminds us to get out of our head and our comfort zone. Ours is a program of action. Be aware of what we are remembering – is it gratitude or past hurts? Remember to embrace change and be willing to be uncomfortable. Remember that the comfort will return. Remember that we are not alone. And remember to pass it on. (01/13)

#D0159 6 CDs $42.75

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Fr. Tom W. "Grant Me the Serenity"

#D1001 1 CD $8.00

Annie L. "Don't Quit 'Til You Get the Miracle"

#D1002 1 CD $8.00

Dr. Al M. "the Biochemistry of Addiction"

#D1003 1 CD $8.00

"Fun with Fossils" Old Timers at Their Best

#D1004 1 CD $8.00

Anne L. "Every Single Thing I Know About Anything"

#D1005 1 CD $8.00

John McA. "Words and Music"

#D1006 1 CD $8.00

Fr. Tom and Annie L. "Rage and Gratitude"

#D1007 1 CD $8.00

Dr. Al M. "A Doctor's Opinion"

#D1008 1 CD $8.00

Fr. Tom W. "What We Don't Know Can Hurt Us"

#D1009 1 CD $8.00

Gary K. and Richard S. "The Origins of AA with Bill and Dr. Bob"

#D1010 1 CD $8.00

"Fun with Fossils" More Old Timers

#D1011 1 CD $8.00

Fr. Tom W. & Anne L. "The Bright Side of Desperation"

#D1012 1 CD $8.00

Desperate Enough? Thank God!

Fr. Tom W.

Fr. Tom says that you have to have the gift of desperation to want to come to AA and you have to double that for Al-Anon. This program is our last option available which is good because we need to be desperate enough to ask for help and willing enough to receive it. Fr. Tom talks about needing to learn new skills, like detachment, letting go of old ideas and the importance of listening. He discusses how to be awake and reflect on our own behavior, how to act in loving ways, and how to show love. We are given tools to stop blaming others, and we discover what a huge relief it is to admit when we are wrong—which is one of the great signs of adulthood. Tom reminds us that we have been let out of slavery into freedom, and that we didn’t do it alone. A power greater than ourselves has been at work in our lives. (01/12)

#D0157 6 CDs $42.75

Asking for Help... It's Never Our First Thought
In The Language of Al-Anon

Fr. Tom W.

These wonderful talks on recovery cover essential topics to help us enjoy a serene life, while still having relationships with other people. Fr. Tom takes us on a journey of learning what is our business and how to let go of what is none of our business. He discusses how we are able to transform our many losses and in doing so develop spiritual and emotional maturity. He invites us to update our image of our Higher Power and he leads us on a beautiful guided meditation in the language of Al-Anon. Changing our thinking, attitudes and our own behaviors is one of the many gifts of desperation. And we are reminded that we are worth saving. (8/11)

#D0156 5 CDs $35.75

Fr. Tom W., SJ: His Al-Anon Story.
Grass Valley CA 2011

#D2125 CD $7.00

In the Language of Al-Anon

Fr. Terry R.

Wanting to change someone to solve our problems is our disease. The legacy of loving an alcoholic is that we learn that nothing will turn out. Instead we deny our anger and disappointments. And we become a sick member of the family without ever having taken a drink. Father Terry takes us on a journey of getting acquainted with our own wounds and frustrations. And he shows us how we can start healing without the cooperation of the alcoholic. Our recovery starts by changing ourselves. We don’t have to change history or someone else to heal. These talks are about how we change. And we no longer have to “git’m”. (05/11)

#D0309 6 CD $42.75

Observations About Our Journey

Fr. Tom W.

Fr. Tom brings us stories, and insights, sprinkled with humor about our spiritual journey in recovery. New to many, and a refresher course for old timers, Tom explores how we recover what we once thought was lost. He asks how well do we pay attention to the gifts we have been given? Do we take for granted the riches we have found in recovery? How can we open our hearts to the fullness of life? He explores the “...satisfactions of right living…” from the “12 & 12”. He talks about recognizing feelings, and reminds us that being uncomfortable is not necessarily bad. Tom shares practical techniques for prayer and meditation using our own daily reader as another way to improve our conscious contact with God. (01/11)

#D0155 6 CD Album $42.75

You Start With Hello

Fr. Tom W.

When we get here, we are completely out of our comfort zone. And we say hello and an entire new way of life opens up to us. Fr. Tom shares many stories about our new relationships with friends, companions, allies, and sponsors. He talks about the things we can change, and those we cannot. He talks about guilt and shame, self loathing and self acceptance. He discusses defects of character and the daily reprieve we receive through the steps. He talks about the “Rules of the World” and how we need to break them when we come in to recovery.

In recovery we learn skills on how to develop loving relationships. We learn how to identify safe people, and we learn how to be a safe person. We make the connections with others through the things we share. Go to meetings and say hello to people and develop wonderful friendships. Say hello to a Higher Power and receive grace. We learn these new behaviors and go from existing to living. (09/10)

#D0154 6 CD Album $42.75

Control Is Our Drug
In The Language of Al-Anon

Fr. Tom W.

Alcoholism is a family disease, and those of us who love an alcoholic often become spiritual and emotional casualties. We come to the program as survivors, but don’t know how to live. Instead, we have become highly skilled at reading others. In these talks, Tom reminds us that we need to focus on what is life giving to us. We need to surrender control of people, places and things. Fr. Tom shares useful tools to help us detach with love and change our attitudes and behaviors to find the peace and sanity we seek. Prayer and meditation helps to keep the focus on ourselves and Tom leads us on a lovely guided meditation. 05/10

#D0153 6 CD Album $42.75

The Principles Of The Program

Fr. Tom W.

“….and to practice these principles in all our affairs.” Understanding the principles of the 12 Steps can be very difficult, abstract or very simple. Father Tom talks about incorporating these principles into our daily lives. He makes abstract ideas very simple and practical. Honesty, Hope, Faith, Courage, Integrity, Willingness, Humility, Love, Justice, Perseverance, Spirituality and Service. These twelve principles are the spiritual basis behind each of the Twelve Steps. Fr. Tom shows how employing these behaviors in our daily lives can be an enriching experience.

#D0152 4 CD Album $31.75

The Wisdom of the Slogans

A new single CD where Fr. Tom explores the program’s Slogans.

#D2124 CD $8.75

Naming Our Addictions: A Spirituality of the 12 Steps

John McAndrew

This weekend retreat was designed for people in recovery, for those who love them and anyone interested in learning more about the disease of addiction and a spirituality that offers healing and empowerment on the road to permanent recovery. John McAndrew looks at the nature of the 12 Step spiritual practice and its application to the disease of addiction. These inspiring talks discuss both substance and process addictions, denial, codependency and acceptance. Naming the addiction is how we begin to acknowledge and touch the ‘wounds to the soul’, those places where we are most heavily defended and also most vulnerable and accessible to God. With the 12 Steps and meditation, John shows us how it is possible for us to change our behaviors and our lives. (03/10)

#D0507 6 CD Album $42.75

Living in the World of Recovery

Fr. Tom W.

In these warm and delightful talks, Fr. Tom Weston shares with us that ours is not a self help program. If it were, we would have fixed ourselves long ago. Instead, living in the world of recovery, we learn to ask for help in the Program. And Fr. Tom shares with us that it is a great spiritual accomplishment to ask for help when we need it. And when something spiritual happens, change occurs for us. Fr. Tom talks with us about learning how to trust again. And about the many aspects of willingness in living in the world of recovery. And he shows us how to keep sane when those around us are going crazy. And Fr. Tom gives a wonderful guided meditation using The AA Promises. (09/09)

#D0150 6 CD $42.75

The Joy of Living

John McAndrew

The practice of the 12 Steps makes us ready to receive the gift of emotional sobriety. In this exploration of Step 12, John McAndrew guides participants in reflections on “the joy of good living”. Focusing on the spiritual journey, topics include: learning to pay attention, why finding the right question is more important than getting all the answers, the importance of remembering, and the practice and gift of meditation. (06/09)

#D0506 6 CD $42.75

Steps On The Road To Sanity
In the Language of Al-Anon

Fr. Jim H.

What do we do when our loved ones are on a roller coaster? What happens when the people around us make profoundly poor choices? Fr. Jim Harbaugh gently shows us that we don’t have to give up on our own hopes and dreams. And that we are not responsible for other people’s choices. These talks describe how character defects are also assets applied backwards. And he explains that when we obsess, all growth stops. And he shows us how we can change, using the Steps.

Through his wonderful gift of telling stories, Fr. Jim reminds us that our Higher Power is not limited by our own lack of imagination. And that through the Program we are restored to sanity. (05/09)

#D0604 6 CD $42.75

We Don't Have to Wait
In the Language of Al-Anon

Fr. Terry R.

A freeing discovery in Al-Anon recovery is the awareness that we don't have to wait until the Alcoholic stops drinking. Our journey of liberation begins in working the 12 Steps in companionship with others now. Before recovery we waited. We waited for the alcoholic to change. We waited to see if our efforts worked or didn't work. We waited for the other shoe to drop. We waited for our prayers to work. When we live in recovery we get to respond to life in a sane and normal way. In recovery our head and heart are transformed by a fresh faith. (10/08)

#D0308 6 CD $42.75

Beyond Our Imagination: Growing Up with the 12 Steps

Fr. Jim Harbaugh

In recovery, our experiences and lives are so much greater than our imagination could ever have thought of Fr. Jim Harbaugh reminds us of this through his descriptive stories when taking us through the Steps. As we take the Steps we become restored to sanity. Fr. Jim shares with us what the 12 signs of sanity look like. Having had an addiction or in living with addiction we stopped growing. The theme of these wonderful talks is about growing up morally in recovery. Fr. Jim shows us what a moral grown up looks like – and the 3 things that a moral grown up does. He discusses how, using the Steps, we advance from shame to guilt. He shows us how shame is not useful, but surprisingly guilt is. Throughout these talks we realize that a power greater than ourselves is at work. 09/08

#D0603 6 CD $42.75

For Families and Friends of Alcoholics
In the Language of Al-Anon

Fr. Tom Weston

Alcoholism is a family disease, and it takes a long and deep toll on those who love alcoholics, work with alcoholics, are related to alcoholics, and who have been on an emotional roller coaster with them. Whether the alcoholic is one of our parents, or spouse, one of our children, or a co-worker we need support and refreshment and recovery. This weekend looks at the tools and treasures of Al-Anon. The Al-Anon basics. How can we use these basic tools to change our attitudes and behavior to find the peace and sanity we seek.(9-08)

#D0149 6 CD $42.75

Grace - A Power Greater Than Ourselves

John McAndrew

The struggle to let go of old ideas often makes it difficult to receive the new gifts of recovery. In these retreat reflections, John McAndrew considers how the 12 Steps can guide us to new attitudes and behaviors. Grace- an undeserved gift- paves the way into this new way of living. It's about forgiveness, about a God of your own experience, about music and poetry and beauty and brokenness and failure, about "what is", about gratitude and laughter and serendipity and the full reception of all the gifts we have received. I once was lost, but now I'm found. Was blind, but now I see...Everything is grace! (8-08)

#D0505 6 CD $42.75

One Day at a Time - but are the days too long?

Fr. Tom W.

These new talks focus on the transformative power of the 12 steps. Fr. Tom emphasizes practical, day to day applications of the spiritual principles of the Twelve Steps. Simple formulas are explored for “turning it over”, “let go and let God” plus spiritual activities for prayer and meditation. We are often told recovery is a “program of action”, but where do we start or in some cases restart? These new talks are Tom Weston at his best. A humorous and enriching experience. (06/08)

#D0148 6 CD $42.75

Are These Extravagant Promises?

John McAndrew

The Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous, is full of promises for recovery— not only the “12 Promises” we often hear at meetings. Join John McAndrew and a group of recovering souls for a weekend of discovery in an open-book exploration of the multitudinous Promises found throughout our primary text—especially the greatest promise of all: that God could and would if He were sought!

#D0504 6 CD $42.75

Are We Willing To Be Willing?

Fr. Tom W.

In these series of talks Fr.Tom shares how to live through difficult times using the tools of the program. Do we sometimes feel disconnected from our Higher Power? How to make that conscious contact with your Higher Power easier with the “switch”. He talks of connecting with people rather than “using” people….sharing our experience, strength and hope. Are we willing to let change happen? Are we willing to be willing? What can we expect if we willingly surrender ourselves to the spiritual discipline of the 12 Steps? These and many other questions about recovery are explored in this series of talks. 01/08

#D0147 6 CD $42.75

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