Father Terry R: Alcohol and Drug Recovery CD Sets

Father Terry R. is the Director of Substance Abuse Ministry in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. He chairs a panel that performs intervention and follow-up for clergy who need help. He has been conducting retreats for people in Twelve Step programs since 1975.


Fr. Tom W. and Fr. Terry R.

In this very special retreat Tom, and his sponsor Terry, share their thoughts on a variety of topics such as sanity, self- centered fear, our capacity to receive God’s love, judgements, defects of character, and the role of sponsorship. Tom and Terry focus on the transformation that occurs with recovering people. (09/15)

#D0166 5 CDs $35.75

"…Our Journey From Fear To Faith."

Fr. Terry R.

Father Terry R talks about our “fear problems”. And he describes how we are able to move from fear to faith as a result of doing the Steps of the Program. And as this occurs, we are drawn in to surrender. And at the same time, our idea of what surrender is changes.

Fr. Terry describes in his humorous and disarming style what happens when love and accountability come together in recovery. Can we do the Steps imperfectly?. Writing a sexual inventory? Why do we continue to go to meetings? How does our notion of God grow? These powerful and compelling talks are rich with insights that will enhance your program and your life. (9/05)

#D0306 6 CD $42.75

"…God Could and Would If He Were Sought."

Fr. Terry R.

"A time to get in touch with God’s Gift." That is how Fr. Terry begins this exploration of the Steps. How do we recognize, and identify the work of God thru Grace? What does it mean to "work the program"? What does it mean to seek God? These and other questions are explored by Fr. Terry. He explores the changes that occur in our hearts. Only after God surprises us by lifting our addictive behavior do some of us realize that in the beginning we had not been seeking God at all. But with openness and willingness God draws us in. We learn to identify with others. With every "yes" in a spiritual conversation we experience a different quality of satisfaction. The power and benefit of doing an inventory, discerning God’s will, are but a few of the topics you’ll hear Fr. Terry explore. (5/04)

#D0304 6 CD $42.75

Identify Don't Compare
Father Terry describes in his humorous and disarming style one the earliest and most important spiritual experiences in AA recovery: learning to identify with others. How does identification happen? How can we transform a life of obsession and fear into one of love and acceptance? How can we learn to love and accept ourselves? How does each Step of the Program build upon this fundamental experience of opening our hearts and identifying? These powerful and compelling talks are rich with insights that could enhance your program and your life. (1/95)

#D0303 CD $42.75

Accepting God's Grace
Father Terry describes our journey of awakening in the AA Program as a process of learning to accept the grace of God. He explores this process by sharing his own experience with insight, humor and compassion. Among the many topics covered are the secret of the First Step, the nature of surrender, the Five Commandments of the World, the power and benefits of doing an inventory (and when you know you're ready), how to be of service, and discerning God's will from the desires of our ego. (6/94)

#D0301 CD $42.75

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