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Dear Friends!

Thank you for looking at our website on recovery and spirituality. What you will hear are the most wonderful and transformative talks on these topics. These talks have made such a difference in our spiritual lives; we hope you allow this blessing into your life as well.
-Bill & Jan Wilcock


--What People Are Saying About Our Talks--

"Father Tom's talks have definitely saved the day for me many of times when I can't make it to a meeting during the day due to work and really need one. Just listened to one on my way to work this morning one more time and thank goodness! Grateful for Father Tom and his work. Thank you !" - Deanna S.

“I listened to a talk by Father Tom and discovered a priest with a sense of humor about himself who affirmed for me that there was hope. He told me that hope was within reach because a Higher and Greater Power than I could ever possibly imagine cared enough for me.” -Jim O., Columbus, OH

“Father Tom has a knack for making an impossible and failed life somehow seem blessed, still embraceable and well worth living.” -Michaela M., Los Angeles, CA

“Father Tom’s work with us addicts and alcoholics is so precious. He has opened a door for me to the beauty of the program’s gifts. I now have a community, a relationship with God, and a wonderful connection to my sponsor. Maybe I would have gotten there without him, but with him, the trust and willingness to let this program work was much easier to access.” -Madeline C., Los Gatos, CA

“As a result of listening to these talks, my life has changed. I listen to them several times, and each time it seems like I hear something that I missed the first time. These talks are a wonderful help to me in my recovery. I use them myself and I loan them to others.” -Marilyn R., San Leandro, CA

“Father Tom’s talks have been a major ongoing force in helping me keep my perspective and sense of humor in recovery.” Robin K., Escondido, CA